A hand-made, paint soaked film, allowing evaporation, dust, crystallization, mold, and more to inform the image. Stained with pigment and saturated with time, the result is a turbulent palimpsest with many layers and textures visible at once, each moving with its own rhythm. There is an affective quality to the excesses of the imagery that is both repetitive and ecstatic, yet the overall experience is quiet and reflective.
“Walter Pater famously wrote that all art aspires to the condition of music, but Brookshire's films simply assume it, turning cinema from theater into happening. His current project is Veils, a continually extended strip of 16 mm film marinated in paint, urine, mold, dust, and god-knows-what, then cut into a surprisingly recursive microcosm of the random chemical universe. The film lets nature take its course in every dimension, creating drama, not illusion, in the screening room: stains bleed, crystals form, and the projector sprockets slowly destroy the water-damaged celluloid as it plays.” —Ian Chang, Modern Painters
Link to a discussion of Color Series and Veils following a screening at Union Docs: https://uniondocs.org/a-density-built-up-of-transparencies-madison-brookshires-color-series-and-veils-in-discussion/
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